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Break through blocks and write your book in as little as 5-15 minutes a day.

No experience necessary.

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Hi, I'm Amy and I'm going to be your guide.

Did you know most of what stops us from following our dreams is our inner blocks? Using my signature energy therapy techniques plus writing tools, personal feedback, Q&A, and time hacks, I'll help you finally find your creative flow!


Begin your writing journey with Amy

This 3-month live program focuses on unleashing your inner writer! I'm going to help you get out of your own way to get words onto the page.

Craft Your Draft program

This 3-month live program is¬†for¬†anyone with a writing project‚ÄĒblog, newsletter, or book ... nonfiction, memoir, self-help, and more‚ÄĒbut can't seem to¬†make it happen alone.

Here's what you get.

  • Intimate group, casual teaching, and all the benefits of being with Amy live!
  • Zoom classes (90-minutes scheduled every other week)¬†
  • Learn how to get to the heart of your project¬†and¬†start getting words on the page consistently.
  • Be guided through my signature energy therapy techniques to¬†break through blocks¬†and open your creative flow
  • Receive¬†my¬†personal expertise, effective¬†creativity prompts, lessons to help¬†make writing easy and fun.
  • Get help setting¬†a simple daily writing schedule (only 5-15 minutes a day)
  • Get co-writing time in our meetings where you¬† actually¬†make progress on¬†your project.
  • Bonus: Live Q&A¬†sessions with me and¬†my own amazing editors.
  • Access to me¬†whenever you need - just email
  • All¬†recordings are yours¬†to keep forever!

No experience necessary

(I'll help you)

A New Approach: Learn the 'Amy way' of writing 


I always dreamed of being the writer I am today -- and I'm going to help you realize your dream, too.

In our three months together, I'll share my energy therapy tools, writing techniques, time hacks, and exact writing process so you don't have to figure it all out yourself. 

Truth: Most of what's standing in your way is YOU.

Fix: we'll unblock you, then do the work in small, doable increments (as little as 5 minutes a day).

With a focus on overcoming blocks including perfectionism, fear, and more, you'll finally be confident enough to  just *do the thing of writing* ... all while having fun along the way!

No matter what kind of project you have in your heart -- memoir, fiction, poetry, children's book, self-help, a newsletter, or other -- I've got you covered.

With no college education or writing experience, I'm proof that anyone can become an author. 

Now, with four bestselling books translated in over 20 languages, I teach others how to get the words in their heart onto the page.

And I'm excited to help you, next.

"I cannot believe I wrote an entire draft so quickly after procrastinating over it for 10 years!!"

Writing student

Guided Energy Therapy: Use Amy's techniques to release blocks holding you back

The inner blocks and excuses are far bigger problems than anything else when it comes to becoming a writer. But with Amy guiding you through effective energy therapy sessions each week, you'll release old beliefs like "I'm not good enough," "I have to know what I'm doing," "doing this for myself is selfish," and emotions like fear, doubt, frustration, unworthiness, and so much more. Plus, we'll release tons of perfectionism and all that pressure you put on yourself -- super creativity killers ;)

Lessons: Get Amy's expertise, hacks, tools, and tricks to help make writing easy

 With lesson like how write even when you're scared or doubtful, finding the "heart" of your book so you know what the heck to write about every day, setting a doable schedule and sticking to it, staying connected to your work and creativity, and more, Amy will make writing easier for you than it was for her!

Plus, plenty of Q&A! You can always ask any questions you have -- directly. As a bonus, she's bringing in her own writing friends and mentors for even more Q&A!

Co-Writing Time: Work on your project during every class to ensure you make progress

Ah, time! We all need more of it. That's why Amy is going to give you some time during each class to get some work done, which is so much easier and more fun when we're all doing it together live. That means each week, you'll get words on the page to keep making forward progress. 

We'll also do some bonus co-writing sessions during the program for even more time, writing -- together.

"As a literary agent for over 13 years, I can say Amy is the best at what she does!"

Steve Harris
Literary agent

Class Dates & Times

All replays included

Important Details

Time commitment: Every other week, we'll meet live for 1.5 hours so we all make progress -- together. You’ll set your own weekly writing schedule outside of class, which can be as little or as you want.

Class dates


Next semester dates TBA

Bonus: We'll also do a few extra "pop up" co-working sessions during the program to get even more writing time in (scheduled after program start - and recorded in case you can't make it live). But this is totally optional.

All classes and sessions are recorded.

Have questions?

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No, no, no, and no :) Is that clear? Everyone starts with no idea how to write. I'll help you do the most important work of finding your flow and confidence to get that messy first draft down (the only kind) with no experience at all. Promise!

Yes! If you have more than one project in your heart, I'll absolutely help you decide which one to do for this program.

Every other week, we'll meet live for 1.5 hours so we all make progress -- together. You’ll set your own weekly writing schedule outside of class, which can be as little or as you want. I recommend 5-15 minutes per day, 5 days week.

No biggie! They are all recorded and you can get caught up easily -- especially as we meet only every other week. This program is no overwhelm, guaranteed. 

Two notebooks (one to save, one to recycle after class). And a computer or whatever you want to write your book on.

Um, is there ever NOT energy work? He he. Yes, we will spend lots of time breaking through blocks using my signature techniques.

This is for you if ...

  • You’ve always dreamed of writing but don’t know how to get started
  • You keep telling yourself you don’t have time or don’t know how
  • You’re stuck on a current project or starting a new one and need momentum
  • You keep promising yourself you’ll write but it doesn’t happen
  • You have a story to tell in your heart! 

Ready to be a writer?

Praise from Past Students

I'm so thankful for these kind words!

"I literally would not be ALIVE if it weren't for your a. healing work. b. writing work! My life is so upside down and all around BUT the classes have kept me writing, and creating, and everything!!!"

"WOW. I may be a "lifelong educator" but YOU really know how to teach!!!! You have such a great way of creating a clear agenda, scaffolding sessions together in a good sequence and balancing short and longer range issues. And your guests were also wonderful to hear from. But the unique thing I've never experienced was connecting writing to energy work! Each session I felt a distinctive opening and release of letting go what no longer serves. Which is of course a "rinse and repeat" not a "one and done!"

"Thank you again for this program and all of your incredible advice and tidbits along the way, as well as integrating energy work into each lesson (so helpful!)...this program has been pure gold"

I feel more like a writer, and I'm claiming that now, and have been doing that more and more since I began this class. Thank you so much for that, too.  I do know I don't plan to beat myself up over not finding them fast enough, etc., knowing that giving myself space helps the creativity flow more easily. Thank you for that gift! You and your class have taught me that I can be accountable and get things done without feeling like I'm not good enough to be a writer if I don't.

"I just launched my blog last week. It's something I've dreamed about for YEARS, and your class finally got the damn thing launched! I am feeling so creatively inspired now that one book isn't enough, I needed a whole blog. I am writing!"

"Amy, this class has changed me for the better in so many profound ways, and I am eternally grateful to you and all the magic orchestrations of the universe that made our paths cross."

"My plan for moving forward? KEEP WRITING!!!! I am a writer, after all! I know I'm going to sign up for another one of your classes, whenever that may be!"

"I was completely stuck when Amy got me completely back on track. I have now finished my project (that dragged on for years!) and was inspired to start my next one immediately."

Writing student

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Your 3-month live program includes:

  • Intimate¬†group, casual¬†teaching, and all the benefits of¬†being with Amy¬†live!
  • Zoom classes¬†(90-minutes scheduled every other week)¬†
  • Be guided through lots of¬†energy work to¬†break through blocks¬†using my signature techniques
  • Receive¬†personal expertise¬†and feedback, effective¬†creativity prompts, lessons to help¬†make writing easy and fun
  • Get a simple daily writing schedule + co-writing time to actually¬†work on your project.
  • Bonus: Q&A access to¬†my amazing¬†colleagues
  • Access to me¬†whenever you¬†need - just email¬†
  • All¬†recordings¬†are yours¬†to keep forever!
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"Amy helps writers get their best work done."

Diana Ventimiglia
Editor at Sounds True Publishing

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