Harnessing Solar Plexus Chakra Energy

Thursday Feb. 15th, 5-6:30 pm ET

a live group session (recording included)

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Are you a confident co-creator in your life or do you see yourself as a victim?

A transformative night to release victim energy + harness your personal power

Solar plexus chakra is important because it governs your identify and who you are out in the world.

Even though life happens, we are more resilient when we feel like we have some autonomy over ourselves, our bodies, and our health.

Do you feel empowered in your life or do you feel like everything is beyond your control?

Solar plexus chakra is all about your sense of personal power, confidence, self-esteem, positive mentality, and autonomy in your own life.

If you often find yourself feeling defeated and like a victim of your circumstances, this class is for you!

A balanced solar plexus chakra energy helps us heal from chronic illness, but especially supports shifting adrenal issues, digestive challenges, feeling lost or scared, and patterns of self-criticism, self-judgement, worry about judgement from others, difficulty trusting yourself and your gut, and negative self-talk.


In this 90-minute session, we'll use EF Tapping, The Sweep, and my other signature techniques to clear beliefs, stuck emotions, and more to boost your solar plexus chakra power!

Join me Thursday February 15th from 5-6:30 pm ET for a powerful class to:

  • Optimize your solar plexus to enhance your feeling of personal power and confidence.

  • Use chakra tapping to clear the energy pattern of feeling like a victim in your own life.

  • Use Thymus Test & Tap to release emotions: vulnerable, fear, powerless, and more.

  • Use tapping to clear energy around being affected by other people's opinions and not being able to trust your own gut.

  • Use The Sweep technique to release the belief: "I have no power over my own life and/or body."

  • Use Alternate Temple Tapping to clear energy around hypervigilance and feeling unsafe/vulnerable — super important for those with Mast Cell and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

  • Volunteer energy readings where the entire group will benefit (and get simple and effective homework to keep healing after class)

Note: You'll automatically get the recording in case you can't join live

How does class work?


Show up and Amy will do all the hard work! 

Amy relies on her intuition in every group session! This is how she came up with this month's class -- so register to join in on all the healing!  You'll get the benefit of Amy's work whether you attend live or watch later!


Use powerful & proven energy techniques

Using Amy's techniques, she'll guide students through practices to clear stuck energy specific to what you need that might be blocking full alignment with healing & happiness. Techniques include: Thymus Test and Tap, The Sweep technique, tapping, installing positive emotions, and more!

Participate in a live energy reading sessions! 

Along with Q&A, Amy will do volunteer energy reading sessions that will help every student to continue with their progress after class!

Note: Everyone will benefit greatly whether they are live or watch the recording later.


Hi, I'm Amy, the author of the popular How To Heal Yourself book series.

With my light-hearted approach to healing, and my own experience with chronic Lyme disease (autoimmune conditions, and more!), I teach people how to unblock themselves. I also love helping people feel less alone. 

I teach at major hospitals and organizations nationwide, and am proud to have my approach endorsed by prominent physicians.

Join me for class, where we'll do deep work -- but also have some fun along the way!

"I have made huge strides using Amy's work. her intuition is priceless!!! I no longer have panic attacks! Plus, she makes me laugh and makes everything so fun."


"Amy's classes are a lifesaver for me. I do them every month and ALWAYS feel better when I leave."  


"Amy has seen the truth and can be a coach to all those who seek healing and authenticity."

Bernie Siegel, MD, bestselling author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

"I love the group sessions because all I have to do is follow along. I always get so much out of them and feel huge shifts. Amy's classes have actually helped me be more confident doing the work on my own."



Thursday February 15th from 5-6:30pm ET



  • Benefit from Amy's expertise and intuition
  • Release blocks in real time with powerful techniques
  • Clear stuck energy, emotions, and beliefs
  • Be supported in Amy's community
  • Get the recording automatically the next day