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Clear Crown Chakra for Clarity, Connection, and Purpose

Live Online Class With Expert in Mind-Body-Spirit Healing, Amy B. Scher

Date: Tuesday July 16th from 3-4:30pm ET

Replay included!!

In this powerful 90-minute session, Amy will help you clear your Crown Chakra to improve your sense of clarity, connection, and purpose.

When our crown chakra is blocked, we ... feel lost, confused, and unable to feel direction or purpose in life. Symptoms of a blocked crown chakra include: depression, anxiety, headaches, overthinking, worry, and dizziness.

When our crown chakra is clear, we ... navigate our lives with ease, calm, and purposeful direction. And it feels natural and easy!

Ready to clear it all away and feel more hopeful and inspired about your path even before class is over?

Then join us!

  • Learn about why 'finding your purpose' is important for wellbeing, but also why it's not as stressful as you think

  • Let go of subconscious blocks that interfere with a clear connection to self and the Universe so you can feel guided in your life

  • Use Tapping to release the fear of letting go of control, often a key in allowing our path to unfold in a clear way

  • Use The Sweep to release old beliefs like "I have no purpose," "I need to do what others want me to," or "I'll never figure out what I want" (all which block our own sense of purpose)

  • Use Thymus Test & Tap to clear stuck emotions like fear, abandonment, confusion, and more that are holding you back

  • Be guided through a meditation to help envision a clear and exciting path moving forward in your life

  • Install positive emotions to support crown chakra

  • Participate in volunteer energy readings! (Everyone will benefit)

Replay included in case you can't make it live!

Balance your system in a safe space with Amy as your guide, and receive the super effective benefits of group healing.

Disclaimer: This program is not a substitute for medial care and does not in any way replace the care from health professionals.

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What People Are Saying:

I feel SO much better since working with Amy's approach.


I love all of Amy's techniques - they've helped me overcome anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and just made my life better!


Amy's way of helping release energy blockages is something so unique - and I've tried everything. She's really helped me heal when no one else could.